TrailStitchingCo Original Desert Diadem Hat - Black, 54-55cm

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Black, floppy-brimmed, sun hat perfect for those long adventure days spent under a desert sun or spent working your garden.
This hat has a red rock, desert mesa outline around the brim and was the first hat in the Desert Diadem series.
100% wool.
Size: 54-55cm

Trail Stitching Co is a women owned, small business based in Colorado. Inspired by adventures in vast desert canyons and rugged granite mountains, Mac hand embroiders landscapes from National Parks, Forests and other public lands.
Denim jackets, felt wool hats, and handmade patches are her canvas of choice. Her goal is to capture your favorite outdoor moment to inspire and carry with you on your next adventure.
Mac holds sustainability as one of TSC’s core values, and upcycles second hand items to extend its life span and hopefully bring a little spice to your old items.
A portion of every purchase goes toward restoration efforts of the lands we live and recreate on.