"Alone in Wonderland" by Christine Reed

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Alone in Wonderland is a story about backpacking. But it's also a story about Independence, Love, Grief, Freedom, Adventure, Family, Chosen Family, Challenging Societal Norms, Safety, Feminism, Trauma, Overcoming, Letting Go, Letting In, Self-Knowledge, Self-Acceptance.

Debut author, Christine Reed, takes you on an 11-day solo backpacking trip around Mt. Rainier on the stunning 93-mile Wonderland Trail. She comes face to face with the challenges of long-distance trekking, the backpacking community, and the wildlife of the Pacific Northwest. Throughout the journey she asks questions about female independence in life and the outdoors. She challenges pre-conceived notions about fear and safety. She is raw and honest about grief and trauma and tells a truly inspiring story about overcoming.

Not to be missed by any adventure seeker!