Shipping Info


Gear is shipped directly from the seller through USPS! You will receive a notification when a shipping label has been generated. The seller then has up to 3 days to ship your item. If you purchased multiple items, you will receive tracking info for each item. See below to understand the shipping process.



We provide shipping labels for all small gear! This includes gloves, pants, jackets, etc. If it fits in a USPS bubble mailer, you're good! Your gear must be dropped off with the US Postal Office within 72 hours of shipping label creation.

If you're shipping anything larger than a USPS mailer, the cost of the shipping materials are your responsibility. We'll still provide the label, but you're responsible for the packaging to ship the item. Please factor this into your list price.

For reference:

Postal Paper costs ~$6
Bubble Wrap costs ~$5
Packing Tape costs ~$3


Checkout our Instagram highlights for our how-to on shipping skis.