Sell Your Gear Here!

With the new year, we have a few new procedures! A few of the main updates from 2020: we now require a non-refundable list fee, which we reduced to $3. No more paying for an Instagram ad - most items priced reasonably and in good condition will get an Instagram ad. We updated the listing form that includes an intro to Isella (that can be bypassed on subsequent listings.)

To use our site:

1) Sellers send us a $3 non-refundable listing fee (with a note including all pertinent details to your listing!)

In your note on PayPal, please include the manufacturer, the product name, product size, product color and your listing price for the item. For our ease of indexing, please include your name and the phrase 'List Fee.'

For example: Mallorie Estenson List Fee: Patagonia Houdini, Yellow, Size Small $20

Submit your PayPal deposit here.

2) You fill out our list form here.

Fill out one form per individual listing you would like to make on our site.

3) We list your item on the site.

Our goal is that items submitted will be published online by Friday of the next week. Please know that our process is time intensive and our team is small. If you've submitted a list fee and haven't seen your listing pop up within two weeks, please email us at including all pertinent details to your listing: fee submission date, product name, your name.

4) A buyer purchases the item from the site - yay!
5) We create a shipping label for you to print and drop your gear in the mail. 

We cover the cost of shipping the item from point A to point B. We cover the cost of USPS bubble mailers, but if your item requires additional packaging materials, those costs are your responsibility (i.e. a larger box for ski boots, bubble wrap and postal paper to send skis, etc.)

6) Payout

You provide proof that your gear is in the mail: either collect a receipt from USPS or screenshot activated tracking and email to Then request payment via PayPal from ***Your asking price is what you submitted on your seller form unless otherwise noted in email communications***

In order for your listing to go live, you must submit the $3 list fee. This ensures that if a seller bails for some reason, we're able to cover our costs.

***Unfortunately, we've had a few sellers ghost us which doesn't feel very good for the buyer or the folks working hard behind the scenes to make it all happen. This is why we had to implement the list fee.

Thanks so much for being here! Let's hook some folks up with quality outdoor goods to go have an adventure.